Our Giving Projects & How You Can Help

On the 24th of September 2018 at 10am, My Little Moana & friends went to '' The national cancer Society of Malaysia'' situated in Chow kit in Kuala-Lumpur. Our project was to dress children with Cancer as Super-Hero and make their day Awesome!

We spent 3 hours at the center dressing the kids and having fun with them, children couldn't be happier and seeing the smile on their face was all i need it in return.

Every year, nearly 100 000 children under 15 years die from Cancer that is almost 273 children per day, we need to help them, we need to fight Cancer.

Would you help a child with Cancer? / Mat-Salleh TV Show

On the 4th of August 2019, i will be cycling from my home town of Les sables d'Olonne (West France) all the way to Istanbul (Turkey) a 4500km journey across 12 countries with only one goal ''To fund raise for The National cancer Society of Malaysia'' and help these children fighting for their illness.

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